• Problems with Drag & Drop in Vista (Partly resolved by adding File Open dialogs).

High priority

  • Add option to show a file or open a web-page after installation

Low priority

  • War Setup clipboard-format to allow cut and paste of features between projects. (XML-based, so that the user can modify it in an XML-editor before it is pased into a project).
  • Make a custom UI interface. The Wix ones does not support all common scenarions.
  • Multi-language install. WIX only support one-language for one .msi-file. See if WarSetup can get around this limit in a way, so that multi-language packages (like whid) can have a proper multi-language installer.


Checked items are implemented!

NB: Please use the tracker for bug-reports, suggestions and help-requets. Use the forum to discuss WarSetup.